Raise these this year! The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has just approved 14 new aquatic products

Largemouth bass, mirror mites, dark-striped oriental scorpion, tilapia, scorpion, three-spotted crab, long oyster, oriental snail, scallop, Chinese sturgeon, sea cucumber, hybrid stingray, Yunlong grouper, green plate abalone

Public inspection of new aquatic products

Mobile phone turned into "new farm tools" Chengmaiqiaotou sweet potato relies on e-commerce to increase sales into a network red

“The e-commerce is too powerful, and our bridgehead sweet potatoes are all red.” On March 19, Wang Wenke, head of the Qiaotou sweet potato service center, said happily in Shatu Village, Qiaotou Town, Chengmai County.

The reddest and purest new magnolia variety debuted at Shanghai Botanical Garden

According to experts, Magnolia wufengensis is a new species of Magnolia genus found in recent years. It is unique to China's Wufeng and has a small number. “Jiaohong No.1” is a new variety cultivated by the safflower magnolia team headed by Professor Ma Liyi of Beijing.