Beautiful colors in the CIIE


The third China International Import Expo is being held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). Exhibiting enterprises bring a variety of color exhibits to attract people's attention. The exhibition booths in each exhibition area also pay attention to the design and color matching.  
This is chilled veal steak at the exhibition hall of the global food integrated distribution platform in the food and agricultural products exhibition area of ICIF.


World top butter Guide

There is a famous saying by Julia Child, the master French chef in the United States: "if you add enough butter, everything will be delicious." (With enough butter, anything is good.)


The plant meat brand "Hey Maet" has realized the landing of multi-category products, providing a healthy diet for the country

Hey Maet

A month ago, it was reported that Beyond Meat, an American artificial meat giant, planned to build a factory in Jiaxing to supply the Chinese market, and China is also expected to become one of Beyond Meat's most important markets in the world. On October 21st, Dicos announced that plant meat was listed in 2,600 stores nationwide, and plant chicken products such as plant chicken burgers and plant chicken nuggets were launched.


Hema: Will promote hot pot takeaway more than dine-in, no upper limit on investment


Sina Technology News On the afternoon of November 4th, Hema announced today that Hema hot pot was officially launched on Hema and nationwide.

   Currently, on the Hema App, Hot Pot to Home has become a first-class category alongside seafood, aquatic products, fruits and vegetables. In the "Hema Fresh Kitchen" opened by Hema on the platform, hot pot surpassed Hema's characteristic seafood and ranked the highest.

Diplomats in Shanghai discuss their preparation for third CIIE to take place amid epidemic

The third China International Import Expo (CIIE) will be held in Shanghai from November 5 to 10 as scheduled despite the impact of COVID-19 outbreak. The Global Times interviewed 12 foreign diplomats in Shanghai about their preparation and expectations of the upcoming CIIE.

Green tea and some fruit juices inhibit SARS-CoV-2 in vitro

Green tea, chokeberry juice, and pomegranate juice killed flu and SARS-CoV-2 viruses when incubated with the viruses in vitro. Thus, oral rinsing using these might be effective in preventing COVID-19.

Air pollution: This herbal tea can help cleanse your lungs and protect them from air pollution (Recipe inside)

Drop in the temperature is often accompanied by a rise in the level of air pollution. This is the weather air quality hits rock bottom, leaving people gasping for air.

The Market for Private Chefs Is Booming. Here’s How to Hire One

From the style of food he specializes in to the cost, there's much to consider.

Michelin-starred chefs are leaving their jobs to become private chefs for the ultra-rich, where they can make upwards of $14,000 a month

In recent years, "Cooking regularly for a family is less stressful than working in a high-pressure restaurant where you'd repeat same recipe."

Spicy Tuesday – Smoky Tomato Soup – Smoked Paprika

We’re rolling in to soup season – and we want to help you enjoy it! Here’s an easy and fun recipe to make that highlights lively tomato flavor and has fun crunchy croutons to top the delicious soup.