2019 China's top 100 tea counties and enterprises list announced! Come and see who's there?

Recently, at the 15th Annual Meeting of China's tea industry economy, the survey results of 2019 China's tea industry were officially released, and the list of top 100 counties in 2019 China's tea industry was newly released.

CCTV exposure "ancient tree tea" Chaos: ordinary tea wrapped in a pack of ancient tree tea, prices doubled

At present, ancient tree tea is a hot target in Pu'er tea market. In the tea market, "ancient tree tea", "ancient tree pure material", "ancient tree head spring" and other kinds of Pu'er tea with ancient tree tea signboard are numerous.

New target of aquatic products! Guolian aquatic products, Zhangzi Island, Xianghai, Hengxing... Well known brands burst out new ways!

Deep processing of aquatic products is the development trend of the future industry, and this view has been widely recognized in the industry. So what is the big environment for the aquatic products industry? What is the industry trend?

For Hong Kong and Macao standard agricultural products to be listed in Guangzhou these ten sales points can buy!

After more than half a year of careful preparation, the “Vegetable Basket” products of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Greater Bay Area   were officially listed in the first batch of 10 offline sales points in Guangzhou.