Sino-Australian trade deal proves to be a winner

In 2017-18, bilateral trade was valued at A$195 billion ($138.9 billion), according to data from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Of that, A$123 billion were exports from Australia.

Chinese firms explore investment, agro-product import chances

 A business delegation from China are paying a visit to Vietnam to study the possibility of investing and importing agro-forestry-aquatic products of the Southeast Asian country.

Feature: Moroccan winery knocks on door of gigantic Chinese market

The participation of the Morocco's agricultural company Red Farm at the first China International Import Expo (CIIE) is beginning to bear fruit.

Its general manager Mamoun Sayah told Xinhua that he would return to China in late February to choose an exclusive importer for his company's wines into the Chinese market.


China's 2018 grain import and export

On the main grain, wheat imports fell by 2.876 million tons year-on-year; corn imports increased to 3.52 million tons; rice imports fell, and exports were accelerating. Soybean imports are highly dependent. In 2018, the total import volume was 88.03 million tons, a year-on-year decrease of 7.9%. The import diversification trend is obvious. The import of rapeseed is still high, with an import of 4,576,400 tons in 2018. In 2018, China's barley imports were 6,815,400 tons, and sorghum imports were 3,469,800 tons, a year-on-year decline.

Under the impetus of the United States and Europe, the trade volume between China and Russia has successfully exceeded 100 billion! Agricultural products become the new driving force in the future?

agricultural product

China has become Russia's main trading partner. According to the latest news on February 12, the trade volume between China and Russia in 2018 exceeded US$108 billion, a year-on-year increase of 24.5%, higher than the previous target of US$100 billion set by the two countries. In addition, Russia’s exports to China have also been achieved for 13 years. The first deficit, the difference before import and export reached 3.8 billion. The Sino-Russian economic and trade achievements have set a new record frequently. What is behind this?

China: Is the fruit retail business bleak really the reason for the big environment?

Recently, many friends around me are saying: Hey, the fruit business is really bad. There are even many people who are analyzing because of the involvement of chain stores, because capital has entered the fresh industry, because various new models have seized the market and so on. It sounds really real. Even me Achen was strongly infected. Everyone said: This year's fruit is really too difficult, retail is difficult, wholesale is difficult, distribution is difficult, and procurement is difficult. What is hard! difficult! difficult!

Cherries, durian, mangosteen, avocado... Which imported fruit is popular in the market?


In recent years, many high-quality fruits from all over the world have entered China. China is currently the world's strongest consumer market of high-quality fruits. So, what imported fruits are more popular in this year's fruit market? What are the rare imported fruits that you are not familiar with or have not tasted? Compared with previous years, what new developments have appeared in the colorful imported fruit market?


China approved frozen fruit imports from Philippine


According to a report by the Philippine "Business Daily" on February 15, the General Administration of Customs of China issued a notice No. 30 of 2019 on the inspection and quarantine requirements for imported frozen fruits from Philippine.

2019 Imported Cherry Varieties Encyclopedia Illustration--Imported Fruit Purchasing Encyclopedia


The cherries season has come again. For many people, the cherries season is a happy season, and even happier, for the current Chinese market, the supply period of imported cherries has been long. Up to 9 months! At present, the remaining empty window period is only from mid-March to early May, and from mid-September to mid-October, less than three months.

1. Earlise

2. Sequoia 

3. Brooks 

4. Chelan Selangor

5. Coral  

6. Royal Dawn 

7. Santina Santina

8. Rainier 

9. Bing 

10. Lapins 

11. Kordia 

Traditional agriculture is about to disappear, a large number of farmers are about to transform, and new agriculture is coming.

soilless cultivation

Soilless cultivation can not only reduce the occupation of land, but also apply widely. It can be planted in the yards, roofs and idle workshops, and the impact on the environment is greatly reduced, reducing pesticides and fertilizers. Compared with traditional cultivation, soilless cultivation has more advantages.