Kenya eyes tea hub in China as exports fall

enya has set sights on opening up a distribution centre in China’s Wuyishan region — where some of the world’s most expensive teas are grown— in the wake of falling demand for Kenyan tea in the Asian economy.

Leone Tea: The cup that cheers

With its unique cup characteristics, Leone Tea continues with its journey to cheer the moods of the consumers in the Middle East.

How Dubai facilitates international trade in tea and coffee

DMCC was established in 2002 to attract, enable and promote trade through Dubai. Three years later in 2005, the DMCC Tea Centre was opened to boost global tea trade through the emirate and has subsequently facilitated the trade of more than 320 million kilos of tea. 


AgEagle Aerial Systems Stock Is a Great Drone Play Even Without Amazon Rumors

AgEagle Aerial Systems (NYSEAMERICAN:UAVS) is garnering lots of attention recently, and rightly so. UAVS stock took a hit after earnings, but it looks as if it was a temporary setback.

Dual-Purpose Drones For Agriculture

At the 2020 Farm Journal Field Days in-person event in Jessup, Iowa, attendees got an up close look at the latest technology in drones used for agricultural applications. 


What does the threat of low-quality imports mean for the agriculture sector?

We look at why people are so nervous about ongoing Brexit trade deal talks, and what the prospect of low-quality imports could mean for British producers and retailers

Time is running out to support UK farmers in future trade deals

The result of the Trade Bill being debated in the House of Lords this week could greatly impact the future of British food and farming, says the NFU

Diversification at the heart of Tipperary beef farm

A Co Tipperary food business has credited a UCC project for its success. Dr Joe Kerry, Food and Nutritional Sciences, UCC, helped by three Food Science students, worked with Blackcastle Farm at Two Mile Borris near Thurles.

Agrifood brief: Don’t forget agriculture, Valdis

After the shock of Phil Hogan’s sudden resignation as the EU trade chief, the lack of agri-food expertise of his successor has already raised plenty of eyebrows among stakeholders.

China Aims to Develop Smart Agriculture

China is developing and promoting modern agriculture, aiming to combine technology and farming, with the help of e-commerce platforms.