This new variety of fruit in the countryside is crystal clear. It can produce more than 10 Jin per plant. Have you ever seen it?

It is a budding variety of Nanking cherry. The fruit is white, translucent and translucent, nearly round, with an average fruit weight of 1.2g, slightly larger than the Northeast Wild Cherry, with hard and crisp pulp and sweet taste. The tree is short with a semi-circular crown.

Fig "New Variety", a big fist fruit, the year's results, can pick a sack

Speaking of fruit, it is now an indispensable food for every household. So have you tried to plant some fruit trees in person? Planting several fruit trees in the courtyard and balcony can not only enjoy but also play the role of fresh air, but also eat the fruit planted by oneself.

Do not plant peach, apricot, this fruit tree "new varieties" - Sapphire Grape

Today, I will introduce you a new variety of grape, which is a very unique fruit called Sapphire Grape. After fine adaptation on common grapes, this variety is several times better in appearance, color and nutritional value than ordinary grapes, and its taste is quite sweet.

New Variety - Prince charming, Such a string of red, you may not really see in the market! Open configuration options

Characteristics: Calyx and corolla are white, plant height is 53-63 cm, inflorescence length is 24-28 cm, number of flower rings is 15-17, spacing of flower rings is 1.5-1.7 cm, 6 flowers per round, the number of single inflorescence flower can reach 102, total inflorescence number is more than 4

New Variety - Pink Lady, Such a string of red, you may not really see in the market!

Characteristics: plant height 34-38 cm, crown width 40-49 cm, calyx and corolla rosy red, novel color. It is not easy to occur blight and mosaic disease, and it is heat-resistant. It has no deciduous leaves and no yellow leaves and can blossom normally at high temperature in Beijing in summer.

New Variety - Orange Princess, Such a string of red, you may not really see in the market!

Characteristics: Calyx and corolla orange, plant height 75-85 cm, inflorescence length 25-29 cm, number of flower rings 17-19, spacing of flower rings 1.4-1.6 cm, 6 flowers per round, single inflorescence flower number up to 114, total inflorescence number more than 35; early spring protection pl