Three squirrels plan to use their own capital of 42.26 million yuan to invest in four wholly-owned subsidiaries

Three squirrels announced that the company held the 11th meeting of the second board of directors to deliberate and approve the proposal on establishing wholly-owned subsidiaries through external investments. Based on the needs of strategic development, the company plans to use its own capital of 42.2562 million yuan to invest and establish four wholly-owned subsidiaries.


Việt Nam, China discuss ways to boost agriculture trade

Việt Nam’s farming, forestry and fishery export trade with China fell about 7 per cent year-on-year in the first quarter of this year to US$2.2 billion.


Coronavirus lockdowns in India and Kenya are threatening global tea supplies, with traders racing to secure stocks.

In African tea-producing nations such as Kenya, the flow of tea from plantations into ports and beyond has been disrupted, according to Ibi Idoniboye, an analyst at commodities data firm Mintec. Kenya last week entered its own 21-day partial lockdown, which includes the port city Mombasa, a large tea shipping hub.


Take 2.1 million mu tea garden to the live studio, tmall makes Xinyang Maojian more fashionable with thousands of years of history

Xinyang Maojian

In order to let consumers all over the country know more about the authentic origin of Xinyang Maojian, tmall took you to see the beautiful local tea mountain in the live broadcast room through the way of offline tracing live broadcast. For the first time, consumers across the country have experienced the different scenery of Xinyang Maojian, which is different from Jiangnan green tea production area.


Artificial meat began to enter the fresh channel, and Xingqiling" and "Qian Dama" cooperated to sell semi-finished plant meat products

Recently, the domestic plant meat brand "Xingqiling Starfield" (hereinafter referred to as "Xingqiling") and the fresh retail chain "Qian Dama" have reached cooperation. On Monday, it launched its own e-commerce channel plant meat products for the first time, and entered the e-commerce platform of Qian Dama for sales. On April 11, in order to better introduce new products to consumers, Xingqiling and Qian Dama also jointly carried out a live broadcast in wechat. Plant meat products have sold more than 1,500 units in three days, according to data released by Xingqiling.


Pick tea, go to Shiyan tea garden and drink all the spring!

tea mountain

Eight Immortals View of Wudang Mountain

Eight Immortals village has built more than 3000 mu of tea garden, which has become the demonstration base of organic tea production in our city, and has been awarded "the hometown of Chinese tea culture" by the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Wudang Dao tea brand was successfully declared as a provincial intangible cultural heritage and became China's four famous teas with the characteristics of "West Lake Longjing, Wuyi Rock Tea, Wudang Dao Tea, and Temple Zen Tea".

I want to go to Laoshan with you, blowing the sea breeze and having a cup of tea


Why is Laoshan tea called "the first tea in Jiangbei"?

Time for good tea

The reason why the "Southern Tea to the North" project was chosen in Laoshan is that in addition to Laoshan's record of drinking tea since ancient times, it is also inextricably linked to the excellent ecological environment of Laoshan.


Tragic! Some tea merchants in Dongguan lost more than 100 million yuan in one night! It's about this operation

tea mountain

Tea was originally for drinking

But nowadays, some people invest tea as futures

Originally wanted to make money

In the end, it may be impossible to return

In Wanjiang

The star product of a brand Pu'er tea

Is regarded as excessive speculation in futures

Can't cash due due

Let some tea merchants lose more than 100 million overnight


Why does Pinduoduo have to take the difficult mode to help farmers with live broadcasting?


Because of the epidemic, this spring's Canton Fair had to be rescheduled to June and will be held entirely in the form of network, which is the first time in the 63 year history of Canton Fair. Although there are still three months to go before this online version of Canton Fair, the "Pin Fair", which opened as early as last month, has shown people the great charm of online exhibition.


Tea is fragrant overseas. This year, nearly 1700 tons of tea have been sold in Hangzhou to all over the world

tea mountain

Since this year, under the supervision of Qianjiang Customs, more than 1669 tons of tea in Hangzhou area have rushed to all parts of the world, mainly including green tea, flower tea, tea bags, etc., which are mainly sent to Japan, Singapore, Canada, Britain and other places. Hangzhou tea fragrance is blooming in this warm season.