Dahuang Village of Meixian District was selected as the list of the first “Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival”

The first "China Farmers Harvest Festival" Organizing Committee recently released a list of 100 characteristic villages, including Dahuang Village, Songkou Town, Meixian District, Meizhou City.

Creating a Slow Life in Rural Areas, Taiwan Entrepreneurs Invest in Shiyan Agricultural Carnival

During the Spring Festival this year, thousands of pots of red and red Phalaenopsis blossomed in the Saiwudang Valley of Shiyan City. In the glass greenhouse of Shiyan Agricultural Carnival invested by Taiwanese entrepreneurs, Phalaenopsis and Tiger Pilan compete for beauty.

Experience Modern Edition of "Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival", Hubei intangible cultural heritage "Huachao Festival" opens on the 13th

China is a country of flowers, and Wuhan in March is a paradise for flowers. Every year in the lunar calendar in February, “Hundred Flowers Birthday” and “Flower God Festival” are also “Flower Festival”, which will be held in the eastern part of Hubei Province.