AI, blockchain, IoT powered e-marketplace for farmers

Agritech startup Agri10x, a global e-marketplace, is leveraging the power of advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) to help the farming community


14 States finalise action plan for agri export policy: Commerce Ministry

Apeda inks MoUs with AFC India, NCUI to utilise their expertise in promoting agriculture

Seafood From Norway celebrates anniversary

KANSAS CITY, MO. - Spring 2020 marked the 50th anniversary of the first-ever successfully farmed salmon in Norway.

On May 28, 1970, off the coast of Norway, brothers Ove and Sivert Grøntvedt installed their floating open net pen in Norway’s cold and clear waters, said Anne-Kristine Øen, US director for the Tromso-based Norwegian Seafood Council.

Agri dept’s Onam fairs from Aug 27

The agriculture department has already instructed its regional offices to prepare a report and identify the spots for setting up stalls in their respective districts. The Onam fair shops, to be set up through Krishi Bhavans of the department, will be set up in all panchayats.

Mexico: Agri-food exports top $20 billion in H1 2020

According to a report by Mexico’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (SADER), the nation’s agri-food exports rose 4.26% to $20.68 billion during the first half of the year.

Poland's agri-food exports up by 7 pct y/y in H1

The value of exports of Polish agricultural and food products in the first six months of 2020 increased by 7 percent year on year to EUR 16.4 billion, reported the National Support Centre for Agriculture (KOWR), citing data from the Ministry of Finance.

Nixi chicken, Shangri-La

Nixi is a Tibetan village in Shangri-La, and was a part of the the Ancient Tea Horse Road. It has more than 2,000-year's history of potting. Due to its special way of firing, the pottery turns out black. As a result, people call them Nixi black pottery.
Apart from black pottery, Nixi is also home to Nixi chicken. These chicken is no heavier than 1 kg after being raised for 2 years. Once cooked in Nixi black pottery, the chicken tastes extremely good. Do have a try when you visit Shangri-La.

Irish agritech company MagGrow raises €6m for crop-spraying tech

With backing from impact investors, this brings the total raised by MagGrow to €18m.

Thai agritech startup to use satellite images and AI for farming

A startup company in Thailand called Ricult is planning to use satellite imagery and artificial intelligence to provide precision agritech services to farmers.

This European agritech startup lets you grow pesticide-free veggies in your basement; raises €3.4M

Agricultural land accounts for 40% of total EU. But the growing population and increasing urbanisation are slowing eating into the fertile agricultural lands. In recent decades, Europe has decreased the total area used for agriculture while increasing yields.