Zhao'an 12 National Geographic Indications Products, how many have you eaten? Hougang green shell litchi

Hougang green shell Lychee

Litchi is a traditional fruit of Chun'an, with a long history of planting. There are still more than 300 years old in the territory. In 1949, the county planted an area of 353 hectares. After that, the planting area has been continuously expanded. Today, the county's litchi planting area is 150,000 hectares, which are concentrated in towns and villages such as Guanlan, Xiage, Taiping and Sidu, mainly Wuye litchi, as well as Lanzhu, Zhuangyuanhong, Glutinous rice, Guiwei and Zizixiao. More than 10 varieties.


Zhao'an 12 National Geographic Indications Products, how many have you eaten? Zhaoan Baxian Tea

Zhaoan Baxian Tea

Zhao'an is a tea town. The natural conditions are very suitable for the growth of tea trees. The history of tea planting can be traced back to the Song Dynasty. The traditional planting of Oolong Leaf, Meizhan, Benshan, Mao crab, Tieguanyin, Huangdan and single cluster of Narcissus tea can be traced back to the Song Dynasty. After 1985, Baxian tea was widely planted. In 2002, the tea plantation area of the county was 1380 hectares, with a total output of 2522 tons.


Zhao'an 12 National Geographic Indications Products, how many have you eaten? Xiantang Red Crab

Xiantang Red Crab

There are abundant crab resources in the coastal area of the county. Scylla serrata is commonly called "Xiantang Red Crab" in Zhao'an. Artificial rearing began in 1985, and mixed rearing method was adopted after 1999. Today, the annual output of the county is about 1400 tons.


Zhao'an 12 National Geographic Indications Products, how many have you eaten? Zhaoan dried persimmon

Zhaoan dried persimmon

Zhao'an dried persimmon is dried fruit. It is mainly produced in Xiuxian Town of Zhao'an County. It is made of persimmon by natural sun. It has high nutritional value and contains 1-2 times more vitamins and sugar than ordinary fruit. To make a good dried persimmon, first of all, we need to do a good job of fruit selection. Then, we will peel the selected fruit and air it in a sunny, airy, clean and sanitary place. Then, we will air-dry the dried persimmon, because of the evaporation of water, the main component of fructose precipitates, forming persimmon frost.


Zhao'an 12 National Geographic Indications Products, how many have you eaten? Zhaoan grey goose

Zhaoan grey goose

Zhao'an has a good grazing place for geese and plenty of green fodder. The County chronicles record that there has been a habit of keeping geese among the people since the late Ming Dynasty. Since 2002, the county organizations have carried out scientific research on the purification, rejuvenation and high-quality feed technology of gray goose varieties. The selected gray goose varieties of Zhaoan have the characteristics of large size, strong adaptability, crude feeding tolerance and rapid growth, and their egg production, hatching rate and survival rate have increased.


Good news! Shangqiu adds a national geographical indication product! Yucheng Apple

Yucheng Apple

"Yucheng Apple" has a national "ID card"

A few days ago, the reporter learned from the State Administration of Industry and Commerce that Qiaoji Township "Yucheng Apple" won the National Geographic Indicator.
In the late 1990s,Yucheng Apple has been planted on a large scale. It mainly developed in Zhangji Town and Qiaoji Township.
Currently, "Yucheng apple" planting area has increased from 8,500 Mu to more than 20,000 mu.

Chifeng National Geographic Brand - Bahrain Mutton!

Bahrain Mutton!

At the 2nd National Expert Review Meeting on Agricultural Products Geographical Indications Registration in 2016, "Bahrain Beef" and "Bahrain Mutton" passed the expert review smoothly and were identified as geographical indication products. They issued "ID Card" and "Pass" for Bahrain beef and mutton to enter the national market, and also injected "source power" into the development of agriculture and animal husbandry industry in Bahrain Right Banner.


This cooperative in Chongming started crab farming from "baby"


Spring sowing and autumn harvest, hairy crab breeding is the same process. It is reported that this year's hairy crab seedlings as early as January began to launch, now has entered the end stage. In Chongming, there is such a cooperative which focuses on crab seedling cultivation. For many years, it has been continuously delivering high quality crab seedlings to farmers.

Guangzhou's 24-hour restaurant is a mini seafood market in the evening!


Today, I brought everyone to an old store that has been in business for more than 20 years.

During the day, it is the favorite cheap noodle restaurant in the neighborhood.

At night, it became a mini seafood market.

Next to the Exit A of Beijing Road Metro, there is an old shop that has been open for more than 20 years. It is open 24 hours a day and has become a canteen for many neighborhoods.


Should we stick to it or change it? Where will the local characteristic varieties go?


Li Yunyue is not calm at all. These days I have already called me several times to ask about new citrus varieties.

I guess it is definitely "Wenling High Orange" sales are not good, or the price is not good.

Sure enough, when I came to the orchard, he was organizing workers to pick "Wenling High Orange", which is the first big single in this year, and the supermarket in the city has 5,000 pounds.

"You pick a little better." Li Yunyue kept telling the workers.