2019 Pu'er tea brand list, Pu'er tea ten high-end brands

Pu'er tea

According to the evaluation data of the China agricultural brand research center of the China Rural Development Research Institute, the brand value of Pu'er tea in 2014 and 2015 respectively stabilized 5 billion 210 million yuan and 5 billion 566 million yuan for 2 consecutive years in the fourth place of the tea brand value list in the same year; Puer tea rose to 5 billion 709 million in 2016 with the brand value of 2016. The list was third. Until 2017, Pu'er tea was topped with the brand value of 6 billion yuan for the first time, ranking first in the 2017 tea regional public brand value. In 2018, Pu'er tea ranked first in the 2018 tea regional public brand value list with a brand value of 6 billion 410 million yuan. Although in recent years, Wuyi rock tea and Fuding white tea market is also very popular, but compared with Puer tea market, there is still a big gap.