Tea Import and export trade: more green tea exports, more black tea imports

tea farm

At present, there are more than 50 countries and regions planting tea in the world, but the planting areas are concentrated in Asia, Africa and Latin America.
Among them, China, India and Sri Lanka have the top three planting areas in the world. The output ranking is slightly different from the planting area, and the top three countries are China, India and Kenya.
Although there are only more than 50 countries and regions planting tea, there are more than 170 countries and regions participating in the global tea trade.
Among these 170 countries and regions, Kenya, China and Sri Lanka are the top three exporters in the world. The top three importers are Pakistan, Russia and the United States.
Tea is generally divided into green tea and black tea in the world, among which black tea is the main variety of global tea trade.