Haiken organic tea promotes the integration of three industries "Three flavors" of organic tea

Workers of Hainan natural tea company gather tea at the organic tea garden in the meteorite crater area of Baisha Li Autonomous County. Photo by Deng Yu, reporter of Hainan Daily

On April 6, the wind was blowing slowly. In a mountain range in the meteorite crater area 9 kilometers southeast of Yacha Town, Baisha Li Autonomous County, there was a "capricious" tea garden. More than 1000 mu of tea trees were luxuriant. Chickens and ducks shuttled through it to find food. Squirrels and puppies often came to visit. This was built by Hainan Natural Tea Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "natural tea company") for nearly 5 years Ecological organic tea garden.
"Although these tea trees are very common, they grow up eating 'seafood'. They have also obtained EU organic food certification and China organic food certification, and they have reached the import access standards of 27 countries in the EU and most countries in the world," said Zeng Fanjing, deputy general manager of natural tea company.

(picture: Deng Yu, reporter of Hainan Daily)