After the epidemic, will 70 million people continue to buy vegetables online?

Normal operation of vegetable farms

At the beginning of 2020, fresh e-commerce seems to be on the rocket.
The epidemic is like a rocket booster, pushing fresh e-commerce to a climax. According to relevant statistics, within 30 days after the Spring Festival, the number of active users of fresh e-commerce is nearly 70 million, an increase of about 57% over the same period last year, and the average number of daily use and the length of use are both more than 20%.
After a lot of fresh e-commerce thunderstorms in 2019, the performance during the epidemic injected a strong shot into the market. However, as the epidemic is suspended in China and life is gradually returning to normal, it is unclear whether fresh e-commerce can retain the flow dividend brought by the epidemic.

(picture: normal operation of vegetable farms)