Still selling fruit on the stall? People sign thousands of bills in one hour of live broadcasting

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Since 2017, more and more Hainan fruit growers have joined Taobao live broadcasting ranks, driving a new wave of fresh live broadcasting fever.
Especially a group of young people after 90's took the lead in demonstrating the fresh market in Hainan.
According to reports, due to Hainan's excellent ecological environment, Hainan Taobao sellers operate fresh fruits, which can be broadcast all year round, almost every month is busy season.
Many Hainan fruits have the advantage of early marketing. From October to June next year, they are the best live season for fresh Hainan.
"Xiao Long Ge", "Xiao Lin Ge", "Fat and Thin Brother" and "Zhang Guolao" are all network celebrities active in Hainan fresh live broadcasting platform. Through live broadcasting, their fruits can be sold several times more.