In Xiping, the Chaoshan seafood cuisine is amazingly authentic. Let's collect it


Entering the store, the first thing I saw was the mainstay of "Yihelong" - seafood counters, lobster, Alaska king crab, abalone, elephant geoduck, and various marine fish such as spotted pigs, oil belts, buckets, etc. "Nancheng Xiping store has about 200 varieties of seafood. In addition to the variety, the biggest feature of the seafood in the store is fresh." Shop owner Axiong introduced.

Different from the frozen seafood on the market, the seafood in the store is not only live seafood, but other seafood is chilled instead of frozen. “The fishermen get out early, we get the seafood that was shipped the same day from the fishermen of the dock. It is brought back to the store from Chaozhou by means of cold chain transportation. Because the seafood is frozen and then the dishes are tasted, the meat quality and freshness are affected, so the real gourmets are very demanding on the freshness of the seafood. It must be guaranteed that the freshest is obtained from the sea, and it is the freshest to do."