"From the media village" to the live broadcast of goods, helping the agricultural flow into a battleground


There used to be a saying that the Internet in China was cut apart and that the elite and grassroots people lived in a folded world. Nowadays, the two worlds are interacting with each other. Three or four tiers of cities and villages have become emerging markets of the Internet. In the first half of the Internet, "aphasia" has become the "gold digging ground" of various platforms in the second half.
At the same time, some people think that the statement of sinking flow is discriminatory. Li Chuanshuai, who was pushed to the top of the public opinion by the "media village" in the countryside after 1990, did not shy away from the saying of sinking flow. On the contrary, he was proud of his insistence on studying the layout of sinking flow market and making rural content and products.