Hot pot 3 months back? Analysis of the whole case: Haidilao, Xiuhu, Little Sheep, Xiaolongkan, Special Hotpot. To reveal the truth of profiteering and losing money for you


In mid-May, we conducted a survey on "Which industry in-depth evaluation do you want Egg Solution Enterprise Editorial Department to do most". The results showed that "Hot pot" won with an absolute advantage of 16%. To sum up, there are two reasons:
First, most people want to open a restaurant when they want to start a business. After all, people take food as their priority. No matter what market background, the demand for food always ranks first. Second, compared with stir-fried dishes, chafing dish has a shorter industrial chain and no dependence on chefs makes it easier to standardize the taste. In the view of more "Xiaobai" entrepreneurs, chafing dish is the easiest to start.
Therefore, Egg Solution Enterprise Editorial Office has crouched over a dozen stores of more than ten brands and interviewed many professionals in the industry. We will reveal the real competitive status of the hot pot industry and the underlying logic of the success and failure of major brands for you layer by layer.