Crazy financing is no use, fresh e-commerce next to ring money can only IPO?


 A few days ago, according to Bloomberg News Agency, Youxian Daily, a fresh e-commerce company, is seeking $500 million in financing every day to tide over difficult times. Investors in this round, including Goldman Sachs Group and Tiger Global Fund, are valued at at least $3 billion after financing, according to people familiar with the situation. Subsequently, Youxian Daily plans to raise $300 million to $500 million, with a post-financing valuation of $4 billion.

After the publication of the report, the statement that the financing was actually to tide over the difficult period was denied by Youxian Daily. "At the end of last year, Youxian Daily has achieved a positive operating cash flow nationwide, and the fund is in good condition. There is no saying of"seeking financing".