smart agriculture

good and fast! This farm in Tongxiang uses machines to harvest small vegetables

On the afternoon of October 14, in the vegetable greenhouse of Zhang Jidong Family Farm in Chongfu Town, Tongxiang City, planter Zhang Jidong operated a vegetable harvester to harvest small vegetables under the guidance of technicians from the Municipal Institute of Agricultural Sciences.

Xichang: smart agriculture opens a new model of vegetable seedling

In recent years, Xichang has accelerated the development of modern agriculture, vigorously implemented the strategy of rural revitalization, constructed a modern agricultural industry development pattern, and quickly led the development of agriculture and rural areas, and promoted farmers to beco

"Digital + Wisdom" opens a new era of increasing agricultural production and income

The 60,000-square-meter greenhouse realizes the interconnection of agricultural technology through the Internet of Things, uses the "Cloud on Agriculture Expo" agricultural information service to visit the exhibition online, and intelligent agricultural machinery has changed the inherent image of