Li Town, Huimin County: the first flower bonsai exhibition center is open for business

Recently, the first flower bonsai exhibition center of Lihu Li Town was open in Li Village for business, attracting more than 100 people from the surrounding people to visit. The colorful flowers, the beautiful bonsai and the fleshy meat make everyone love it. .

September 25-28: China's first micro-bonsai's first "China Super" national competition will be available soon

China (Xinyi) Eslite Bonsai National Expo is China's first "National Exhibition" professional competition of the "National" category in the small micro-bonsai exhibition created by the China National Bonsai Artists Association.

The inheritance of bonsai fireworks in the lean West Lake by worshippers and apprentices

On August 14, the second batch of Yangpai Bonsai Teachers and Apprentices Pairing Ceremony was held in Yangpai Bonsai Museum. After internal selection, public recruitment, theoretical and practical assessment, six "apprentices" formally worshipped their teachers and apprentices.

Shunde Horticulture Industrial Park intends to build a national horticulture modern agricultural industry park

Shunde Horticulture Industrial Park has recently been selected as the second batch of provincial modern agricultural park construction list in 2019. According to the macro positioning, in the future, a national flower modern agricultural industry park will be built here.

Zhang Jinshan, a bonsai master, has different skills in making bonsai

Zhang Jinshan had been engaged in the construction industry. More than 20 years ago, he suddenly fell in love with bonsai cultivation and production, and became irremediable. He studied diligently, visited famous teachers, and his skill of bonsai cultivation and production improved rapidly.