Haiken organic tea promotes the integration of three industries "Three flavors" of organic tea

On April 6, the wind was blowing slowly. In a mountain range in the meteorite crater area 9 kilometers southeast of Yacha Town, Baisha Li Autonomous County, there was a "capricious" tea garden. More than 1000 mu of tea trees were luxuriant. Chickens and ducks shuttled through it to find food.


Still selling fruit on the stall? People sign thousands of bills in one hour of live broadcasting

Since 2017, more and more Hainan fruit growers have joined Taobao live broadcasting ranks, driving a new wave of fresh live broadcasting fever.
Especially a group of young people after 90's took the lead in demonstrating the fresh market in Hainan.

What did Hainan people cultivate in spring in ancient times? How much do you know about Qiongdao crops?

When the northern country was still frozen and snowdrifting, Qiongdao was a spring and scenery, taking advantage of the spring, there were many busy figures in the field. After cultivation, the land leaves a green field scenery.