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Ministry of Agriculture: Turn crisis into opportunity and increase export of agricultural products

According to Thailand ’s Minister of Agriculture Chalenchai, the Chinese Customs (GACC) has announced the addition of a list of 7 Thai national poultry slaughterhouses, which means that there are already 22 Thai national poultry slaughterhouses on the list.

China's import and export of agricultural products from January to February 2020

From January to February, China's import and export of agricultural products reached US $34.36 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 0.2%. Among them, the export was US $9.57 billion, down 11.6%; the import was US $24.80 billion, up 5.0%; and the trade deficit was US $15.23 billion, up 19.1%.

Tea is fragrant overseas. This year, nearly 1700 tons of tea have been sold in Hangzhou to all over the world

Since this year, under the supervision of Qianjiang Customs, more than 1669 tons of tea in Hangzhou area have rushed to all parts of the world, mainly including green tea, flower tea, tea bags, etc., which are mainly sent to Japan, Singapore, Canada, Britain and other places.

Report on China's tea production and marketing in 2019

In the face of the complex changes in the internal and external environment and conditions in the process of China's economic development in 2019, China's tea industry has maintained a stable development in general - the total output and output value of tea, domestic sales volume, domestic sales