Tujie Town: Tea turns into "golden leaf" of tea industry to help farmers to get rich

Since this year, tujie Town, Nanhua County, has given full play to the advantages of "tea town", solidly promoted the poverty alleviation work of tea industry, innovated the industrial development mode, developed and expanded the tea industry, and continuously increased the village level collecti

How to solve the problem of late arrival of spring tea caused by drought

"At this time of the past year, my family has made about 200 kg of tea, but this year, affected by the drought, it has only made 40 or 50 kg." Gong Zhen, a tea farmer who lives in banzhang village committee of Bulang Nationality Township, Bulang mountain, Menghai County, said that due to the drou

2020 spring tea season officially launched, why is this year's spring tea worth looking forward to?

This year, affected by the dry weather in Yunnan, there is less rain, and the dormancy period of tea trees has increased. Although the production of tea has decreased year on year, it has accumulated more contents, with more aroma and taste.

Reveal the secret of Dounan Flower Market in Kunming Where do cheap flowers come from?

Every industry has a doorway, and there are “hidden rules”. With the rise of the major flower sales platforms, the bosses who sell flowers all the way are getting deeper and deeper, and our flower growers must constantly improve their knowledge and talents.