"DuoDuo Buy Vegetables" in Shandong fire full open, fight more and more Meituan close to hand!

As a community group buying business launched by Pinduoduo this year, in the recent internal speech by Chairman Huang Zheng, it was emphasized that Pinduoduo will continue to grow bigger and stronger in the agricultural field and be the touchstone of deep innovation.

ByteDance builds a supply chain quality control team

ByteDance's e-commerce department is building an internal supply chain support team. Most of the team members have Alibaba and JD backgrounds. The quality control team is also under construction. There are dozens of team members, mainly responsible for the quality control of Douyin stores.

Agricultural goods are on the rise, new channels for e-commerce provide unlimited possibilities for agricultural development

In fact, the e-commerce platform Pin Duo Duo is mostly based on the C2B model, which realizes the “direct field to table”, which reduces the intermediate circulation cost and guarantees the product quality.