Come on! Chengdu Gold Flower Bannelli New Varieties Exhibition

On April 25, 2019 China-Europe Flower Industry Forum and New Varieties Exhibition of Golden Flower Banneli were held in Spring Village, Ande Town, Pidu District, Chengdu. The exhibition will last until April 27. From the 28th to May Day holidays, a flower purchase festival will be held.

Selling Chinese Herbal Medicine, Flowers and Trees, Selling Bonsai Nanzhao Magnolia "Triple Jump"

Just after the spring equinox, in the Nanzhao Yulan International Flower and Wood City in the deep mountainous area of Funiu Mountain in Henan Province, there are neatly arranged large-scale bonsais from the Japanese-inspired Xinghua Magnolia and the local breeding two Qiaoyulan.