Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs cooperates with Sinochem, COFCO and China Post to promote the quality of farmers' cooperatives

In order to solve the problems of integration of farming and breeding technology and the connection between production and marketing, the Rural Cooperative Economic Guidance Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas signed cooperation framework agreements and implementation plans

"Blood transfusion" combined with "hematopoiesis" 80,000 poor households in Wushan "take off their hats"

Wushan County is located at the easternmost end of our city, with vast mountains and deep canyons. The mountainous area accounts for 96% of the county's total area. Mountains hinder development. Like quiet villages, there are not a few poor villages that are poor because of poor infrastructure.

Honghe County, Honghe County, "e-commerce + poverty alleviation" helps agricultural products out of the mountains

In recent years, based on the actual situation of poverty-stricken areas in Honghe County, combined with the climate advantages of dry-hot valleys, we have explored a “hematopoietic” poverty alleviation path with “e-commerce + company + base + farmer” to comprehensively promote the transformation