net red

"From the media village" to the live broadcast of goods, helping the agricultural flow into a battleground

There used to be a saying that the Internet in China was cut apart and that the elite and grassroots people lived in a folded world. Nowadays, the two worlds are interacting with each other. Three or four tiers of cities and villages have become emerging markets of the Internet.

From Lotus Root Seedling to Lotus Root Digging, Honghu "Net Red" sells 5 million Yuan of mud lotus roots a year.

At the end of 2016, Wang Wenjuan began to contact live broadcasting. From the seedling of Lotus Root to the digging of Lotus Root, from April to October, the whole growth process of Lotus Root was shown in the form of live seeding in half a year.

Still selling fruit on the stall? People sign thousands of bills in one hour of live broadcasting

Since 2017, more and more Hainan fruit growers have joined Taobao live broadcasting ranks, driving a new wave of fresh live broadcasting fever.
Especially a group of young people after 90's took the lead in demonstrating the fresh market in Hainan.

“Fruit Matchmaker” and the team went deep into the global fruit producing area more than 500 times, and broadcasted the industry secrets of fresh fruits and vegetables, and won 100,000+ watches

"It is a dark horse!" In Guizhou Xiuwen, there is a brand of kiwifruit that has sprung up, called "7 is not enough." In the eyes of Cai Jianfei, Dong Yu, the founder of the “7 Not Enough” brand, is a “person who knows how to operate with industrialized thinking”.

Mobile phone turned into "new farm tools" Chengmaiqiaotou sweet potato relies on e-commerce to increase sales into a network red

“The e-commerce is too powerful, and our bridgehead sweet potatoes are all red.” On March 19, Wang Wenke, head of the Qiaotou sweet potato service center, said happily in Shatu Village, Qiaotou Town, Chengmai County.