If I have never been to Shunde to eat food, I am embarrassed to say that I am from Guangzhou.

Shunde has been praised by many media for its delicacies. Although I have been there many times, the delicious food has always fascinated me.

Under the leadership of local colleagues in Shunde, a group of six of us drove Highlander from the company.

Amazing! These ten kinds of vegetables in Hubei are exported to other provinces. How many kinds of vegetables have you eaten?

Hubei is a veritable land of fish and rice
Fertile land, rich aquatic products
But you know what?
All kinds of vegetables in Hubei are also exported to other provinces and are well received.

Mexico is too "hard core". Cactus is not appreciated but eaten directly. So many thorns are not afraid of jabbing.

Mexican burritos must have been heard by everyone, but have you eaten cactus-flavored burritos? Mexico belongs to the tropics. The climate is relatively dry throughout the year, and the vitality of the cactus is extremely tenacious.

Hot pot 3 months back? Analysis of the whole case: Haidilao, Xiuhu, Little Sheep, Xiaolongkan, Special Hotpot. To reveal the truth of profiteering and losing money for you

In mid-May, we conducted a survey on "Which industry in-depth evaluation do you want Egg Solution Enterprise Editorial Department to do most". The results showed that "Hot pot" won with an absolute advantage of 16%. To sum up, there are two reasons:

Migrant friends and tourists enjoy delicious food and food specialties

At 9 o'clock on the morning of June 5, "Me and my motherland" 2019 The 3rd Beibu Gulf (Hainan Zhangzhou) Tourism and Food Expo hiking activities depart from Xiangyang Forest Park, along Zhongxing Street - Yunyue Road - Baodao Road - Guosheng Road, marching to the Zhangzhou Cultural Square.