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Another feature of the Xiamen Tea Expo exhibiting tea is the international standard. The official data of the organizers includes overseas exhibitors from 15 countries and regions. In addition to the familiar Taiwanese Oolong, Indian black tea and Malaysian old tea are very worth visiting.

Do not understand the national tea standards, we also talk about Chinese tea exports?

Tea inspection standards are mainly divided into national standards for tea production (mainly export inspection) and non-tea production (mainly import inspection). Each country has its own set of standards based on its own national conditions and import and export needs.

The International Pu'er Tea Forum 2019 was successfully held during the Xiamen International Tea Fair (autumn).

The theme of the International Pu'er Tea Forum in 2019 is "Twenty Years of Pu'er Tea" and invites Ms. Ruan Dianlong, founder of Yunnan Six Tea Mountain Tea Industry Co., Ltd., Vice President of China Tea Industry Circulation Association; Mr.

Guangzhou Flower Fair and Garden Fair Opening! Haixinsha Becomes the Ocean of Flowers

The annual flower festival officially opens today. The 2019 Guangzhou International Flower Art Exhibition and China Flower Arrangement Exhibition, co-sponsored by Guangzhou Forestry and Landscape Bureau and China Flower Arrangement Association, officially opened in Haixinsha Park at 9 a.m.

The beautiful post-90s new farmer, the pears on the Loess Plateau! What is the most important thing for young people to do agriculture?

Shuli, born in 1993, is an absolute post-90s girl, but when you see this fair-skinned and beautiful girl, you can hardly believe that she is standing on the pear base of the Loess Plateau, working for the lovely "pear baby" in the orchard day by day for years.

China Peasant Harvest Festival "Millions of Enterprises and Millions of Goods Help Increase Income" was held in Beijing

"The autumn leaves of Wutong in Jinjing are yellow, and the bead curtain does not roll up to frost at night." In September, full of harvest flavor, we ushered in the Chinese Peasant Harvest Festival in 2019.