2019 China's top 100 tea counties and enterprises list announced! Come and see who's there?

Recently, at the 15th Annual Meeting of China's tea industry economy, the survey results of 2019 China's tea industry were officially released, and the list of top 100 counties in 2019 China's tea industry was newly released.

What's the use of the geographical indication of tea for us? (with a list of geographical indications of tea)

Geographical indication products refer to products produced in a specific region, whose quality, reputation or other characteristics are essentially determined by the natural and human factors of the origin, which are named after geographical names after examination and approval.

The latest announcement! Zhangjiajie giant salamander, Baise mango, Yanchitan sheep and other 25 geographical signs will usher in great development

On October 8, the State Intellectual Property Office issued a circular announcing the list of projects to be designated as Geographical Indications Promotion Project in 2019. The implementation of the project will be started after the publication and completed within two years.

Wang Yi District: Mengjiayuan Peach has passed the expert evaluation of national agricultural geographical indication registration

The characteristics of Meng Jia Yuan peach are as follows: (1) external sensory characteristics: the peach shaped fruit of Meng Jia Yuan is straight, large, bright and colourful; its fuzz is short; it smells sweet and sweet, and the peach is fragrant in the storage room; the peach is crisp, sweet