China Shenghai food (01676) is to be renamed as "China Shenghai Group Co., Ltd."

Zhitong financial app news, China Shenghai food (01676) released a notice, the company's board of directors proposed to change the company's name from "China Shenghai Food Holdings Company Limited" to "China Shenghai Group Limited", and change the company's Chinese dual foreign name from "中国升海食品控

In the past three years of listing, Shenghai food's performance has not increased but decreased, and its share price has become a "Fairy"

It is understood that the raw material supply of Shenghai Food mainly comes from raw materials purchased by fishermen suppliers and algal product farmers, and processed raw materials purchased from enterprise suppliers.

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Fishing boat resumed in Zhejiang Zhoushan International Fisheries City

On February 27, in the wharf of Zhoushan International Fisheries City, the fishing boats returned to port with all kinds of seafood. Fishermen weigh and register seafood for sale. The fishing industry has been back to work, and the prevention and control of the epidemic has not been lax.

The market is worried about the collapse of aquaculture industry, experts say that breeding large-scale enterprises is the way out for the industry

In Lianjiang county, Fujian Province, the "hometown of abalone", there is a situation that the price of abalone is lower than the cost of breeding and cannot be sold automatically. More than 80% of the fresh abalone have no market, and the consumer end of the supply chain is directly blocked.

Praise the success of the “First China International Fisheries Online Expo”, and like it!

Online expo,

Implementing the explicit requirements of the State Council,

Special time to promote economic development,

China Fishery Association joined forces with Dalian Municipal Government,

Hosted the first China International Fisheries Online Expo,