Why does Pinduoduo have to take the difficult mode to help farmers with live broadcasting?


Because of the epidemic, this spring's Canton Fair had to be rescheduled to June and will be held entirely in the form of network, which is the first time in the 63 year history of Canton Fair. Although there are still three months to go before this online version of Canton Fair, the "PinĀ Fair", which opened as early as last month, has shown people the great charm of online exhibition.
The traditional channel is blocked, and the online trade show mode of the fair came into being. Its idea originated from the Canton Fair. As Li Ding, the head of the fair, said, he hoped to use the form of the online trade show to "drive the export-oriented enterprises to rapidly open the domestic demand market in a special period, and help them to build a new channel".
In the past year, live broadcast with goods has become a new mode of connecting people, goods and fields. Under the catalysis of the epidemic situation, live broadcast with goods is becoming more and more popular. However, mayors and county heads have come off in person during the period of returning to work nationwide, which undoubtedly endows live broadcast with a new mission.