I want to go to Laoshan with you, blowing the sea breeze and having a cup of tea


Why is Laoshan tea called "the first tea in Jiangbei"?

Time for good tea

The reason why the "Southern Tea to the North" project was chosen in Laoshan is that in addition to Laoshan's record of drinking tea since ancient times, it is also inextricably linked to the excellent ecological environment of Laoshan.

The tea garden is surrounded by mountains and the sea, and the mountain is a typical granite landform. The main production area of Laoshan tea, that is, the core production area at the north foot of Laoshan Mountain, is divided into inner mountain and outer mountain. The so-called inner mountain is the mountain tea covered by everyone. The tea area from east to west is mainly Taiqing, Qingshan, Huangshan, Changling, and back. There are several villages such as Ling, Diaolongzui, Yangkou, etc. These villages are all planted tea down the mountain and the sea. The special geographical location, unique microclimate, and the high-quality mineral spring water moisten naturally. Said the quality is quite good. Therefore, the success of South Tea and North Yin in Laoshan is also the reason for the good weather.