The plant meat brand "Hey Maet" has realized the landing of multi-category products, providing a healthy diet for the country

Hey Maet

A month ago, it was reported that Beyond Meat, an American artificial meat giant, planned to build a factory in Jiaxing to supply the Chinese market, and China is also expected to become one of Beyond Meat's most important markets in the world. On October 21st, Dicos announced that plant meat was listed in 2,600 stores nationwide, and plant chicken products such as plant chicken burgers and plant chicken nuggets were launched.

Chuangyebang recently learned that Hey Maet, a Chinese vegetable meat brand, announced that it has officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Ningbo Sulian Food Co., Ltd. to further deepen the cooperation between the two parties and jointly promote the development of the vegetable meat industry. The words "plant meat, artificial meat" appear frequently, making this meat substitute a hot topic.