Nanning Customs launched a special campaign against smuggling of agricultural products and seized 72 tons of smuggled rice

Nanning Customs announced on the 12th that the customs affiliated to the Shuikou Customs Anti-smuggling Branch recently successfully smashed a smuggled rice crossing point with the Longzhou County Border Management Brigade. It seized about 18 tons of smuggled rice and 54.6 tons of glutinous rice without quarantine. 5-people.

Pang Hua, a police officer from Shuikou Customs and Excise Department, introduced that on April 2, the police seized 1.4 tons of suspected smuggled rice and glutinous rice in Heping Village, Shuikou Town, arrested 2 persons involved in the case, and seized 2 vehicles involved in the case. The evidences seized on the spot and the confessions of the suspects were traced and followed.