Foreign Students Picking Strawberries and Appreciating Koi Carp Experience Urban Agriculture in Jinan

On the morning of the 14th, under the organization of the Agricultural and Rural Bureau of Licheng District of Jinan, Shandong University and the Strawberry Association of Licheng District, 15 Shandong University students from 15 countries went to Tangwang Town to observe the beautiful rural construction and strawberry industry in China from zero distance.
The first stop for foreign students is Jinan Plante Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. The company is "the leading agricultural key enterprise in Jinan City". It transfers over 300 mu of land. It has the largest strawberry virus-free seedling tissue culture center in China, 1000 square meters, 11 modern seedling-raising greenhouses, 15,000 square meters, 2 intelligent multi-span greenhouses, 10,000 square meters, 2 multi-span seedling-raising greenhouses, 6,000 square meters, 9 seedling-raising net shed, 15,000 square meters, 230 Mu seedling-raising base. Alpine nursery base 30 mu. We have established a perfect three-stage breeding technology system for virus-free strawberry seedlings, with annual production capacity of 2 million virus-free strawberry original seedlings and 100 million seedlings.