Nantong Agricultural Products will appear in the Agricultural Exhibition Hall from April 26 to 28, offering a green, safe and delicate "vegetable basket" for Shanghai residents.


This Nantong Agricultural Products (Shanghai) Exhibition and Promotion Fair of Agricultural Projects will focus on the theme of "Longevity Capital of Xiumei Nantong". The exhibition is composed of five sub-libraries: Theme Museum, Recreation Museum, Exquisite Museum, Online Museum and Characteristic Museum. Quality, safety and best-selling are the criteria. Through checks and strict selection, more than 1,000 agricultural products from 156 agricultural enterprises were selected to participate in the exhibition. There are all kinds of special ecological fruits and vegetables, livestock, river and seafood, high-quality grain, oil and refined agricultural products in the intersection of the Yangtze River and the sea. These products are not only "the most favored agricultural products of Shanghai residents", but also known as the top ten popular geographical indications of agricultural products in Jiangsu.