Tieguanyin of Anxi has been the first tea geographical indication product in China for four consecutive years.


Tieguanyin of Anxi ranks first in the brand value of tea in China, which is also the first place for Tieguanyin of Anxi for four consecutive years.
The win-win situation of "guaranteeing the ecological background of tea garden, building quality and safety system, forging brand road" will promote Anxi to walk out of the road of high-quality development and lead millions of tea villagers to a well-off society.
In the hometown of tea, Anxi is undoubtedly fortunate: the annual average temperature is 16-21 degrees Celsius, the annual rainfall is 1800 mm, the relative humidity is more than 80%; there are nearly 3000 mountains over kilometers; red soil or sandy red soil, slightly acidic, PH value is 4.5-6.5... These unique and non-reproducible data made Tieguanyin of Anxi win the starting line by wearing a halo at birth.