Famous Agricultural Brands in Shangqiu City, Henan Province - Xiayi watermelon

Xiayi watermelon

Xiayi watermelon is produced in Wangji Township, Guozhuang Agricultural and Trade Zone, Liudian Township, Taiping Town, Huodian Township, Beiling Town, Caoji Township, Huqiao Township, Kong Zhuang Township, Guodian Town, Huiting Town, Qihe Township, 12 townships. The total area is 9666.7 hectares with a total output of 555,000 tons.
Xiayi County is located in the North-South climate transition zone, is a warm temperate semi-humid monsoon climate zone, with an annual average temperature of 14.1 degrees Celsius. The year is full of sunshine, moderate temperature, distinct seasons, mild climate, the annual sunshine hours 2258.4 hours. The frost-free period is 217 days. The annual average precipitation is 785.2 mm.