Would a more flexible and efficient Mini store be the next battlefield for new fresh retailers?

box horse mini

Since the beginning of this year, the exploration of new retail in the field of supermarket has not been smooth. First, the small elephant and 7fresh have been smashed one after another, and then the box horse launched a battle of filling the pit, which made the outside world worry about the new retail road.

      There are indications that the new retail period has ended, but the exploration is far from over – the second box horse mini opened in Shanghai recently, representing the new format of this exploration for six months officially entered the replication period. On the other hand, Yonghui, who entered the new retail field, also took the mini as the layout focus, and the plan opened to 1,000 in the year. The industry believes that the two giants at the same time force the mini store to use the obvious intention, that is, through the effect of reducing costs, in a lighter and more compact attitude to strengthen the coverage density of the cities already settled.