Why are Lianyungang and Suqian among the top 5 broadcast cities in China?

It's not just Donghai County. According to reports, there are more than 3000 live seafood sellers in Haitou Town, Lianyungang, with 200000 daily E-Commerce orders delivered. Yihaojun saw on a fast hand that a girl dressed in white in Lianyungang was sitting at the beach and a big table seafood.

College students act as anchor to "bring goods" for agricultural products. Yangzhou Polytechnic established the first e-commerce college in China

Recently, the e-commerce live broadcast team of the Yangzhou Institute of Industrial Technology has set up live broadcast equipment in the field of the burdock plantation base in Xuzhou, where alumnus Teng Beibei has launched a live broadcast and online delivery activity.

Xinyi City 2019 New Professional Peasant Bonsai Production Horticultural Teacher Training Course grandly opened

On the morning of September 11, 2019, the training course for new professional peasant bonsai horticulturists and the exchange of bonsai between China and Japan was solemnly opened in Xinyi, China.
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