Ministry of Agriculture: Turn crisis into opportunity and increase export of agricultural products

According to Thailand ’s Minister of Agriculture Chalenchai, the Chinese Customs (GACC) has announced the addition of a list of 7 Thai national poultry slaughterhouses, which means that there are already 22 Thai national poultry slaughterhouses on the list.

The upgrading of a coconut reveals whether the domestic fruit can match the international brands such as ZESPRI and Sunkist

The way to upgrade a coconut
With a loud bang, a string of green coconuts "flew" out of the coconut tree about 5 meters high, drew an arc in the air and fell perfectly into the water between the trees.

Chinese customs issued new regulations to check, fruit durian exporters worried

Thai fruit export factories are worried that durian and Mangosteen exports will be blocked because the Chinese Customs has issued new regulations that only fruit export factories with international production standard certification (GMP) can be exported to China.

Durian exported to China must obtain GAP certification, increasing producer costs

The deputy secretary-general of the Agricultural Economic Office of the Ministry of Agriculture of Thailand revealed that the inspection of imported fruits in China is particularly stringent now, not only for durian producers to register, but also for good agricultural practices (GAP) certificati