They seek to reconquer the market: SalmonChile partners activate marketing campaign in China

Luego del inicio de la crisis sanitaria, las importaciones en el país asiático decayeron fuertemente debido a la posibilidad de contagio de Covid-19. Hoy, esta situación ha ido cambiando paulatinamente, pero aún existen resquemores ante productos de otras naciones.

Joyvio, a subsidiary of Legend Holdings, signed a contract to acquire Chile's leading salmon company

Joyvio Yucheng, a subsidiary of Legend Holdings (03396), which is a subsidiary of Joyvio Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Joyvio), signed a “Share Purchase Agreement” with the major parties to acquire the Chile held by way of a cash offer.

Sanford reports issues getting salmon exports into China

Sanford is not attributing its recent administrative issues getting shipments cleared to the deteriorating New Zealand-China relationship, but chief customer officer Andre Gargiulo said no reason has been given for the issues which have impacted several shipments of fresh salmon since the end of