smart agriculture

New Application of Solar Energy Technology: Insecticidal Artifacts in Rural Fields

In recent years, with the maturity of high-tech and new energy application products, more and more new equipment and new products have been applied in agriculture. Today we will talk about a solar insecticidal lamp developed using solar power technology.

What are the advantages of smart agriculture if we can manage 100 mu farm with one key and water and fertilizer?

Crop growth is inseparable from water and fertilizer. In recent years, the "water and fertilizer integration" technology, which has been promoted in Guangdong, has made farmers'production and life more relaxed while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Colorful! Zaozhuang City Central District "exquisite agriculture" to help farmers increase income

In recent years, the municipal district of Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province has cultivated leading industries of agricultural characteristics in accordance with local conditions, and strived to build a modern “exquisite agriculture” industry development road, adopting the operation mode of “coop