They seek to reconquer the market: SalmonChile partners activate marketing campaign in China

Luego del inicio de la crisis sanitaria, las importaciones en el país asiático decayeron fuertemente debido a la posibilidad de contagio de Covid-19. Hoy, esta situación ha ido cambiando paulatinamente, pero aún existen resquemores ante productos de otras naciones.

good and fast! This farm in Tongxiang uses machines to harvest small vegetables

On the afternoon of October 14, in the vegetable greenhouse of Zhang Jidong Family Farm in Chongfu Town, Tongxiang City, planter Zhang Jidong operated a vegetable harvester to harvest small vegetables under the guidance of technicians from the Municipal Institute of Agricultural Sciences.

QuestMobile: 115 million users become online "foodies", dried squid and soy milk tea become the biggest winners...

From the perspective of online shopping platforms and categories, in addition to Meituan Takeaway and Are You Hungry, the penetration rate of its own platforms continues to increase, luckin coffee (penetration rate 11.5%), KFC (penetration rate 9.6%), Starbucks (penetration rate 5.8%).

"DuoDuo Buy Vegetables" in Shandong fire full open, fight more and more Meituan close to hand!

As a community group buying business launched by Pinduoduo this year, in the recent internal speech by Chairman Huang Zheng, it was emphasized that Pinduoduo will continue to grow bigger and stronger in the agricultural field and be the touchstone of deep innovation.