Own fishing boat, this restaurant catches fresh seafood and goes straight to the table to cook for you.

Seafood Sen was formerly known as Fisherman. It has been in business for many years. Ithas a good reputation and a large number of loyal old customers. It recently moved to the Banyan Hotel in Xiamen’s Xianyue Road to upgrade the environment and give the diners a better dining experience. .

Oysters (oysters) don’t steam again, the oysters that come out of this way are more delicious

Oysters are a very delicious seafood that is often eaten by people. Now is the best time to eat oysters. The oysters (oysters) can be seen everywhere in the seafood market. Some are piled on the chopping board, the price of the sale. It is also relatively reasonable.

Sichuan fish “Yayu” has become a “geographical indication of agricultural products” aquatic products

The fifth expert review meeting on the registration of agricultural products geographical indications in 2018 was held in Beijing

Expert group organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

The disappearing Chinese Yangtze River rare fishes - Chinese paddlefish

Chinese paddlefish (scientific name: Psephurus gladius): 2-3 meters in length, 200-300 kilograms in weight, and the largest body length can reach 7.5 meters. Also known as the Chinese spoon scorpion, and the species living in the Mississippi River are the same species of the genus.

The four most expensive fish species in China, sold at a price - wild large yellow croaker

In the past, China's wild large yellow croaker resources were very rich, it is hard to eat it as an endangered animal. Since the 1980s, the price of wild large yellow croaker has skyrocketed from a few cents per jin to thousands of yuan per jin.

The four most expensive fish species in China, each sold at a high price - Chinese bahaba

Presumably, many people have heard of its name. This kind of fish tends to be bigger and more valuable. It is a unique species of fish in China and is known as a superior tonic. In particular, the surimi (commonly known as “fish gelatin”) is very precious and is known as “extra-gold”.