To the flower season again, Meixian fruit farmers are busy pollinating

In the orchard, the fruit farmers shuttled back and forth under the pomelo tree to find the opened pomelo flowers, carefully placing the pollen on the open pistil stigma. “The flowers on each tree are open, so we must constantly find the flowers in full bloom for cross-pollination.

Honghe County, Honghe County, "e-commerce + poverty alleviation" helps agricultural products out of the mountains

In recent years, based on the actual situation of poverty-stricken areas in Honghe County, combined with the climate advantages of dry-hot valleys, we have explored a “hematopoietic” poverty alleviation path with “e-commerce + company + base + farmer” to comprehensively promote the transformation

Creating a Slow Life in Rural Areas, Taiwan Entrepreneurs Invest in Shiyan Agricultural Carnival

During the Spring Festival this year, thousands of pots of red and red Phalaenopsis blossomed in the Saiwudang Valley of Shiyan City. In the glass greenhouse of Shiyan Agricultural Carnival invested by Taiwanese entrepreneurs, Phalaenopsis and Tiger Pilan compete for beauty.

More than 15 million new Chinese professional farmers are expected to become the leading force of modern agriculture

After a gentle spring rain, the mud land in the eastern Zhejiang plain is vibrant. In the 30-acre land of the Peninsula Flower Farm of the Urban Agriculture and Ecological Park in the Kendun Street of Cixi City, the rose and the hydrangea can't wait to shine.

Agricultural goods are on the rise, new channels for e-commerce provide unlimited possibilities for agricultural development

In fact, the e-commerce platform Pin Duo Duo is mostly based on the C2B model, which realizes the “direct field to table”, which reduces the intermediate circulation cost and guarantees the product quality.