Fig tree - It is better to grow flowers than to grow fruits on the balcony

Nowadays, most people living in the city have begun to pay attention to the quality of life. Every family's balcony is basically planted with a few potted plants, flowers and fruits, which not only cultivates sentiment, but also meets occasional desire to eat fruits. The mouth is licking.

New Varieties, New Technologies, New Patterns, The World Apple Congress Will Land in Shanghai on April 15

More than 20 years of stormy INTERPOMA World Apple Conference, this year moved to Shanghai, will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on April 15-17. Unlike traditional fruit fairs, INTERPOMA CHINA has held its third session in China.

This new variety of fruit in the countryside is crystal clear. It can produce more than 10 Jin per plant. Have you ever seen it?

It is a budding variety of Nanking cherry. The fruit is white, translucent and translucent, nearly round, with an average fruit weight of 1.2g, slightly larger than the Northeast Wild Cherry, with hard and crisp pulp and sweet taste. The tree is short with a semi-circular crown.

Fig "New Variety", a big fist fruit, the year's results, can pick a sack

Speaking of fruit, it is now an indispensable food for every household. So have you tried to plant some fruit trees in person? Planting several fruit trees in the courtyard and balcony can not only enjoy but also play the role of fresh air, but also eat the fruit planted by oneself.