Reveal the secret of Dounan Flower Market in Kunming Where do cheap flowers come from?

Every industry has a doorway, and there are “hidden rules”. With the rise of the major flower sales platforms, the bosses who sell flowers all the way are getting deeper and deeper, and our flower growers must constantly improve their knowledge and talents.

Jiaxing wants to open a 5000m² garden center! On the opening day, you will also receive 1,500 pots of potted plants for free!

It is said that Jiaxing has a garden center.

One-stop flower gardening hypermarket

Rainbow flower

World Garden Conference Hosting Enterprise

One-stop shopping experience

Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai 21 Garden Center

Garden space layout design

Jinpin Flowers Kunming Base Looking for Partners!

Yunnan Jinpin Yunke Flower Seedling Co., Ltd. is jointly established by Chengdu Jinpin Flower Seedling Co., Ltd. and Yunnan Yunke Flower Company. It is deeply cultivated in the fields of high-quality breeding of high-quality flower beds, seedling cultivation and application of clones.

China Flower Association issued "China Flower Import and Export Data Analysis Report 2018". China's Flower Import and Export Trade shows an upward trend.

In 2018, China's Flower Import and export products are mainly divided into seven categories: planting balls, potted flowers (landscape), garden plants, seedlings, fresh cut flowers, fresh cut branches (leaves), dried cut flowers and moss lichens.