Nanning Customs launched a special campaign against smuggling of agricultural products and seized 72 tons of smuggled rice

Nanning Customs announced on the 12th that the customs affiliated to the Shuikou Customs Anti-smuggling Branch recently successfully smashed a smuggled rice crossing point with the Longzhou County Border Management Brigade.

Zhanjiang Customs efficient service helps “foreign shrimp seedlings”  “tour” into Zhanjiang

The whole year's work depends on a good start in spring. It is the key period for the spring production of Zhanjiang Aquatic Products. On March 5th, Xiahai Customs, affiliated to Zhanjiang Customs, applied for the import of a batch of P.

The General Administration of Customs has issued a new regulation for pet clearance

The reporter learned from Wuhan Customs yesterday that the General Administration of Customs recently issued the "Regulations on Further Regulating the Import and Export Supervision of Pets."

It is more convenient for cats and dogs to enter the country in May this year.