Migrant friends and tourists enjoy delicious food and food specialties

At 9 o'clock on the morning of June 5, "Me and my motherland" 2019 The 3rd Beibu Gulf (Hainan Zhangzhou) Tourism and Food Expo hiking activities depart from Xiangyang Forest Park, along Zhongxing Street - Yunyue Road - Baodao Road - Guosheng Road, marching to the Zhangzhou Cultural Square.

This strange fruit is sold for 140 yuan per kilogram - Sweet Sapphire Grapes

According to the owner of the Xin Fa Di imported fruit stall, Boss Feng , the so-called "golden finger" belongs to the seedless raisin category and is the most expensive variety of seeds. It goes on sale in late March every year, and can be sold in June, and only for one season every year.

The two departments awarded the first batch of 20 national modern agricultural industrial parks

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Ministry of Finance, up to now, China has created 62 state-level modern agricultural industrial parks, more than 1,000 provincial-level industrial parks and a large number of municipal and county-level industrial parks.

2019 National Top Ten Food List was announced - Xi'an Pita Bread So awked in lamp Soup

The main raw materials are mutton, onion, fans (or noodles), sugar garlic and so on, especially in Xi'an, the most famous beef and mutton, it is delicate cooking, heavy flavor, rich but not greasy, nutritious, aroma overflowing, attractive appetite, endless aftertaste.