More than 500 kinds of high-quality agricultural products of "Ice City" appeared in Shenzhen Green Expo

From 11th to 13th, China·Shenzhen (6th) International Modern Green Agriculture Expo was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 70 agricultural enterprises in Harbin brought more than 500 high-quality agricultural products to the exhibition.

Do not understand the national tea standards, we also talk about Chinese tea exports?

Tea inspection standards are mainly divided into national standards for tea production (mainly export inspection) and non-tea production (mainly import inspection). Each country has its own set of standards based on its own national conditions and import and export needs.

A series of state-level marine institutions will be born in Shenzhen | More details: the establishment of the Academy of Marine Sciences, and more than one...

From the establishment of Ocean University, the construction of national deep-sea scientific research center, the establishment of the International Ocean Development Bank and the establishment of the Academy of Marine Sciences, Shenzhen Special Administrative Region will soon have a series of na