How to build a "global seafood distribution center" in Changsha, which does not depend on the sea?

In the corner of Huanghua Comprehensive Protection Zone, there is a factory building of Fish Forever Group. As soon as I enter the factory building, besides the air conditioning, there is also a strong seafood flavor.

Represent delicacies of food competition across the country - Hunan, steamed fish head with diced hot red peppers

As early as the Han Dynasty, Hunan cuisine has become an independent cuisine, with varied tastes and extensive materials, and attaches great importance to the taste experience of spicy and delicious flavor. The main cooking techniques are simmering, stewing, wax, steaming and stir-frying.

Peach Blossom Garden Cultural Tourism Festival Opening Visitors Can Enjoy Flowers and Spring Farming and Enjoy Pastoral Entertainment

This morning, the opening ceremony of the Peach Blossom Source Cultural Tourism Festival and Spring Ploughing Opening Ceremony (hereinafter referred to as Peach Blossom Source Cultural Tourism Festival) was held in Peach Blossom Square, Peach Blossom Source Scenic Area, China.

Tea custom, Changde, Hunan Province, with Chinese characteristics on the tip of the tongue, extracts the "essence" from vision and thought

The custom of rolling tea in Peach Blossom Source is the local people's daily eating etiquette. Peach Blossom Source Rolling Tea is a kind of drinking food for daily use. It has the functions of dispelling cold, health care, beauty and prolonging life.